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In order to extend the reach of its actions, the Youth Travel Foundation is currently looking for financial partners who share our vision and are eager to provide young Canadians with the possibility to expand their horizon. If you believe that travel shapes youth, let's discuss the possibility of teaming up and changing lives, in your name!


Thanks to the support of sponsors and corporate donations, the Youth Travel Foundation succeeds year after year in awarding travel grants for the completion of a variety of projects.  Ann-Sophie gained her first work experience in the fashion industry in London. Lindy interned at the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia, established by the UN in the early 2000s. Vincent studied the situation of the giraffes in Nigeria. Julie made a documentary about the repercussions of parental emigration on children in Ecuador. High school students learned Spanish and volunteered in a small Guatemalan community. A group of college students had a chance to test their knowledges by collaborating on a special effects project in France. Future police officers went to Brazil to analyze their local unarmed civil force interventions. Clara went to Sarajevo to finalize and launch a play she worked on for months (through Skype) with local Serbian and Bosnian kids. Linda is in New Zealand with her dog Lexi, blogging about pet-friendly destinations and raising awareness to the animal adoption cause. By donating to the YTF, you make modern explorers’ dreams come true, all the while gaining exposure for your organization. 


Business, foundation, philanthropist; no matter the nature of your commitment, you can rest assured that by associating with the YTF, the money given will directly support a travel project. You would like to target a particular demographic? Or a specific type of project related to your field of expertise? Perhaps you are considering honoring the memory of a late dear-one that was an intercultural exchanges aficionado? The grant that will be offered thanks to you will be completely created together, based on your interests. The possibilities are endless!

For more information, please contact Cynthia Gélinas, Philanthropy Activity Coordinator of the Youth Travel Foundation:

514.731.1015 # 229

1.866.754.1015 # 229

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shout-out to our partners

Year after year, YTF offers financial support to young adventurers thanks to the support of our partners. Thank you for believing in our mission!