Mary Barclay grant

Mary Barclay is the founder of the Canadian Youth Hostel Association, now known as HI Canada. In 1933, she set up the first Canadian hostel in a tent west of Calgary (Bragg Creek). In 1987, at the age of 86, Mary received the Order of Canada, the highest honor in the country. This grant is dedicated to the role she played in building a hostelling movement in Canada.

Deadline to submit an application  to be determined

 Grant amount :  $1,000


•    The candidate must be between 18 and 24 year old on the departure date
•    The candidate must prove that they can finance 80% of their trip, to which the foundation can add up to $1,000
•    The trip must be for a duration of at least three weeks
•    The candidate must organize the entire trip
•    The trip must include at least two destinations
•    The trip must involve a learning and educational component of other cultures
•    Applications must be submitted before deadline
•    The candidate must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident and live in Canada

2018 mary barclay grant awardee

This year, the Mary Barclay grant was awarded to Amélie, a young professional musician who went to Ireland to immerse herself in Celtic traditional folk music, to England to partake in a sailing ship crossing of the North sea competition, to Denmark to volunteer on an organic farm and then to France to spend some time with distant family members.

LindaLexi Quote_Grants_Youth Travel Foundation.png
It’s been one crazy journey already and we’re only at our first stop in this amazing world! Country by country, we want to share our journey not only to encourage more pet friendly adventures, but to prove that anything is possible with a little research and a lot of love.
— Linda and Lexi, Mary Barclay grant awardees (2017) New Zealand