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These webinars are available to replay in audio and video format.

demystifying solo travel for women

Ashlyn George (Founder of The Lost Girl’s Guide to Founding the World) gives you the tools and confidence you need to make your travel dreams come true!

good backpacking 101

A conversation with Justine Abigail Yu, (former Communication & Marketing Director of Operation Groundswell ) about how to be an all-star backpacker.

no money? no worries!

Let’s talk about budget travel and how to make your plans come true no matter your financial situation, with Kenton de Jong (travel blogger).


Stephanie Huff (PhD Candidate in Global Health and Founder of The Pink Backpack ) gives you tips to remain in good health on your next trip, no matter the destination.


We discuss ethics & aesthetics with Danielle Da Silva, (CEO of Photographers Without Borders and Co-Founder of the Sumatran Wildlife Sanctuary).

travelling sustainably

Angela Nagy (CEO of GreenStep Solutions Inc. and Sustainable Travel 2030) tells us how to make how more trip more ethical and environmental-friendly.


The guides below have been created to provide adventurers of all ages with some tools and information about good tourism practices, examples of companies offering ethical trips and must-bring travel essentials. Enjoy!

Travel and tourism

The Government of Canada’s official source of destination-specific information and all things travel-related. The site provides useful tips about each country’s entry and exit requirements, safety and security conditions, consular services, etc.