Solo travel grant

Our Solo Travel grant is intented for young travellers who wish to volunteer, acquire new skills or develop their professional career in an environment outside of their country of residence.  The project must constitute an opportunity to gain intercultural knowledge and learn about an environment different than our own. 

Participants should seek to carry out a well-defined project, enabling them to acquire skills and experience within a framework of sustainable development or responsible travel.

Fall 2019’s Grants Competition

Application period: From September 30th to November 8th, 17h00 EST

Grant amount : $1,000

Number of grants to be given: 2


The candidate must
•   Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident and reside in Canada
•   Be between 18 and 35 years old on the departure date
•   Pursue a travel-related project with personal and professional development goals, unrelated to a formal academic program or commercial activity
•   Present a financial need
•   Application must be submitted before deadline

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2018 solo travel grant awardees


Several months after the completion of her theater project in Bosnia Herzegovina, we interviewed Clara to discuss her experience.

Myrika tells us about her cycling adventure solo crossing Canada this summer.


Beyond cultural excursions and discussion panels, the most enriching aspect of the 19th edition of the World Festival of Youth and Students was by far the possibility to meet young people, from Russia and around the world, and get to know them personally. I also had the opportunity to attend a very interesting conference exploring the theme of political multipolarity on an international level, which allowed me to meet brilliant thinkers who quenched my thirst to understand modern political challenges.
— Olivier, Solo Travel grant awardee (2017) Russia