summer 2018 awardees

solo travel grant : myrika

The awardee of the Solo Travel grant is Myrika, who crossed a big part of Canada by bike. Starting in Vancouver, she covered more than 5,000km to make it back to Montreal in 51 days. In order to give an environmental twist to her trip, she picked up trash along the way to minimize her footprint and leave the road in a better state than found. A total of 13 bags were collected. Her adventures her described in her blog (available in French only).

Myrika_Awardees 2018_Solo_Youth Travel Foundation

PRECI_Awardees 2018_Group_Youth Travel Foundation

group travel grant : préci

The winners of the Group Travel grant are students from l’École des Technologies Supérieures, members of PRÉCI (a coalition of students for international cooperation) who are voluntarily coordinating the construction of a health center in a rural area of Rwanda, along with local partners. You can learn more about their project and follow their progress on their website.

mary barclay grant : amélie

The Mary Barclay grant was awarded this year to Amélie, a young professional musician who went to Ireland to immerse herself in Celtic folk music. Coming from a long line of seamen, she honoured her lineage by being part of the Tall Ships Races, an international gathering of sailors for a challenging voyage across the North Sea. She landed in Denmark, where she volunteered on an organic farm. She ended her trip in France, where she was hosted by distant family members.

Amélie_Awardees 2018_Mary Barclay_Youth Travel Foundation