winter 2019 awardees

Le Sommet_Awardees 2019_Group_Youth Travel Foundation

group travel grant : le sommet high school

The Group Travel grant was given to students from Le Sommet high school. Pura Vida is a long-term perseverance project that uses travel as a medium to offer at-risk young people with learning difficulties the opportunity to develop their self-esteem, confidence and a sense of belonging. For a total of 18 months, the 15 students forming the 3rd cohort of the project were involved in community, sport, fundraising and personal development activities. They ended their project with a 10-day trip to Costa Rica, where cultural and outdoor adventures awaited them.

The Solo Travel grant is awarded to Rose-Marie, a specialized nurse with an interest in art-therapy and holistic medicine. Starting spring 2019, she will reside at Kalkeri Sangeet Vidyalaya, a boarding school in South India allowing kids from socially and economically disadvantaged backgrounds to receive a high-quality education free of charge and to develop themselves through the practice of traditional Indian arts – music, dance and drama. For 6 months, she will voluntarily ensure the health and welfare of the students, employees and volunteers of the community by supervising the school’s medical unit.

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